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The Traditional Plan £3980


The most popular option, including:

• Removing the deceased to the Funeral Director’s premises, at any time of day or night, from anywhere in the local area.
• Giving guidance to relatives or executors on the registration of the death and other matters relevant to the funeral.
• Taking care of the deceased until the funeral.
• Care of the deceased in accordance with the wishes of the family, including facilities for viewing in our Chapel of Rest.
• The supply of a coffin with wood effect finish with simulated brass handles, engraved nameplate and interior lining.
• Making all the arrangements and providing staff for the funeral service.
• Supply of a hearse and one limousine - the cortege can leave from a local address; proceed to a local place of worship if required, then on to the local crematorium or place of burial.
• Receipt of floral tributes and charitable donations.
• A contribution towards other expenses or “disbursements”. Please see the note inside the brochure.


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The Traditional Plan Plus £4310


This provides an enhanced service, with the following variations:

• Supply of a veneered coffin with superior finish and a quality gown and lining set.
• Supplying two limousines instead of one.


The Simple Plan £3600


Similar to the Traditional Plan but with the following variations:

• Includes removal during office hours only.
• Facilities and preparation for viewing are not included.
• A plain basic coffin is supplied.
• No limousine is included.
• No procession is included - usually the hearse will meet the family at the local crematorium or place of burial.
• This plan does not include attending a service in a church as well as the crematorium.


The Personalised Plan


Tailored to your specific requirements. A funeral is a very personal occasion and many people have particular wishes. If none of the above plans meet your requirements then please let us know and we will prepare a personalised plan just for you, to allow for whatever services you require.

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Prices are valid from May 2015. For payment by instalments, please contact us. Prices quoted include £1300 towards disbursements and £175 administration costs. Disbursements - A contribution towards other expenses such as crematorium or cemetery fees, doctors’ fee for cremation certificate and minister’s or church fees - theses are known as “disbursements” and could be included in each plan. This is intended to cover most if not all of the usual disbursements, but please note that they are outside of our control and cannot be guaranteed. The amount included for disbursements will be stated on your funeral plan certificate and will be increased annually in line with the Retail Prices Index. You can included a larger or smaller contribution towards disbursements if you wish.


Direct Cremation Funeral Plan - £2200


“Direct Cremation” is the term given where there is no service or attendance by family or friends at the Crematorium instead the deceased is taken to a Crematorium of the Funeral Directors choice on a date and time chosen by the Funeral Director, later the cremated remains are returned to the family. A form of Memorial Service may be held by family and friends separately.

A family member/authorised person will be required to register the death and complete the necessary cremation paperwork guidance on these procedures will be given by the Funeral Director.
Included in this plan:-

Removing the deceased to the Funeral Directors premises from a local address during office hours only. An additional charge will be payable if this service is required outside of office hours or outside the local area.
• A simple coffin is supplied.
• The care of the deceased prior to the funeral.
• Transportation of the deceased to the Crematorium by Motor Hearse.
• A Funeral Director and necessary staff in attendance on the day of the Cremation.
• Disbursements:- Crematorium and Doctors fees only.
• Plan administration fee.
Please note the following are not possible or included in this plan, Viewing at our Chapel of Rest, any form of Service or Celebrant/Minister, Limousine(s) or procession.

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Dear Gordon & Graham Many thanks for all your efforts for Gerry’s service today. A privilege to serve the family with you both.

Mrs W, via email
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Very helpful, professional, organised and reliable. Did a lovely send off for my Granddad and fulfilled all of our wishes. Would recommend to other families.

Miss C, Sandy
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Dear Graham & Gordon, I would like to thank you for the compassionate and professional service you provided. Carolanne took the service beautifully and there wasn’t a dry eye when the piper played. Yours sincerely.

Mrs P B, (Sandy) Via Letter Dec 2014
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Personal Care & Attention

We oversee all aspects in order to provide a personal service. We therefore may not always be in the office, but you can call to book an appointment that is convenient to you.

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