Direct Cremation ONLY £1,320 including cremation fee ~ If coroner is involved  

The simplest and most affordable Funeral Service available

Direct Cremation, or a funeral without a service, is becoming more popular now, both with those who are trying to control costs, and with people who do not want the body present at the service. Obviously, you are free to hold a memorial service at your own convenience if you wish to.

With a direct cremation, nobody attends, so we can choose both the crematorium and the day that the cremation takes place, which helps us keep costs low. The ashes are returned to you, if you wish, so that you can arrange for an interment or scattering at a later date.

A direct cremation is the simplest and cheapest alternative to a traditional funeral; there are no decisions to make regarding funeral options, and you don't even need to set foot in a funeral director's office if you prefer not to. We can complete the paperwork for you, and post it for your signature.  

We can make all the arrangements over the phone or by email if you wish, or we are happy to meet with you, either in our office or in the comfort of your own home.

You can be rest assured that your loved one is being treated with the utmost care and dignity at all times by a family owned and run funeral company who you know you can trust.

We can start making arrangements straight away by simply leaving us a message with the deceased's details. We will then contact you to make all the necessary arrangements.

If the coroner is not involved, a doctor's fee of £82 will have to be charged for cremation paperwork to be completed.

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